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BilimSoft delivers comprehensive Grid & Cloud Solutions for companies and institutions, increasing user productivity to access applications and computing resources. Our product portfolio empowers Grid & Cloud infrastructures by increasing usability and user-friendliness, without sacrificing flexibility and control.
BilimSoft delivers industry leading software products aimed at company-wide management and optimization of computing and visualization resources.

BilimSoft qualified personnel can provide consulting services related to technical computing portals, grid and HPC technologies, cloud computing, remote visualization, application grid-enablement, data exchange and collaboration, Software as a Service, and grid intelligence.


Application Innovation Services delivers robust solutions for industry leadership in today's complex world

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Qurulus is the most advanced, commercially supported Grid Portal in the industry, with a proven track record of successful production deployments within corporate networks and research Grids.

Qurulus enables efficient Inter-/Intranet access to Grid-enabled infrastructures. HPC clusters, data, licenses, batch & interactive applications can be accessed by any client using a standard browser.

The open and evolutionary framework of Qurulus is based on Java, XML and Web Services, and facilitates deployment of user-friendly, application- and data-oriented portals.

Users and administrators can easily submit and control Grid-enabled applications, as well as monitor workload, data, licenses from within the same user dashboard, hiding the heterogeneity and complexity of the native interfaces.

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